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Therapy Services
Parenting & Caregivers Support
An important part of our work is to provide support for parents, guardians, foster parents & caregivers. We work with your family system to devise interventions to implement at home, to create long standing healthy family relationships.  We meet and consult with parents/caregivers on an ongoing basis as part of healing a family system.  This is an opportunity to connect with caregivers, give suggestions, hear concerns and devise goals.
Child Parent Relationship Therapy
In addition to individual child therapy, Child Parent Relationship Therapy may be recommended. This is form of therapy in which the therapist works with the parent to enhance their relationship with their child. This is particularly helpful for those children that struggle with attachments and has been found remarkably helpful in enhancing parent-child relationships.  Theraplay and Family Systems Therapy are often used as a way of addressing areas of growth with families.
School Consultation Services
At times your child may be struggling in school and may benefit from specialized school supports. With a signed release of information, we are able to communicate with schools to advocate for your child’s social, emotional and behavioral needs, and help to review or create behavior intervention plans and individualized education plans.
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