Professional Development
Early Childhood Educator Training & Support

Monarch Play Therapy provides early childhood educator training & support on subjects that relate to the social and emotional development of children. In these trainings, I seek to help teachers acquire new skills, support their students, engage families, practice self-care and provide inspiration for the work they do with children.  




Some topics include:




  • Engaging families in the classroom

  • Teaching children how to self-regulate

  • Promoting safety through attachment related activites in the classroom.

  • Sunshine Circles®




Trainings can vary in length due to your school’s size, budget, availability and topics of interest.  I am willing to work with you to best accommodate your training needs.




         Sunshine Circles® is


  • rooted in the theoretical foundations of Theraplay®:  neuro-sequential development and the development of attachment and affect.

  • An instructional strategy to support the development of play skills.

  • A fun way to support improved self-esteem, self-regulation and interactions with peers.

NAEYC Position Statement On Play

Rather than diminishing children’s learning by reducing the time devoted to academic activities, play promotes key abilities that enable children to learn successfully….Because of how they spend their time outside of school, many young children now lack the ability to play at the high level of complexity and engagement that affords so many cognitive, social and emotional benefits.  As a result, it is vital for early childhood settings to provide opportunities for sustained high-level play and for teachers to actively support children’s progress toward such play.


* Please contact Bridget for more information on rates and trainings available.