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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do you use therapy other than play therapy?


Each person is unique. We tailor the therapeutic approach to what works best. Sometimes this means employing evidenced based practices like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Family Systems Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy or any number of therapy or counseling approaches.

Since we've had a wide range of training and experience, we can use tools and strategies within a framework that fits for you.

2.  What makes a play therapist different?

A play therapist must have a masters degree in a mental health discipline, be independently licensed, have completed 150 hours play therapy education and have 500 hours direct play therapy experience.  A registered play therapist supervisor (RPT-S™), must have an additional 500 play therapy direct services hours as well as an additional 3000 direct service/clinical hours. 


3.  How May My Family Be Involved in Play Therapy?

Families play an important role in children's healing processes. The interaction between children's problems and their families is always complex. Sometimes children display behavior as a way of signaling that there is something could function in a better way for the family. Other times the entire family becomes distressed because the child's behaviors are so disruptive. In all cases, children and families heal faster when they work together.

4. Do you see adults?

Monarch Play Therapy sees children AND adults. 

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