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Healing Trauma with Child Centered Play Therapy

Program Description:  This workshop will provide 6 hours of seminal theory instruction including child centered play therapy, attachment theory and trauma play-based interventions. There will then be experiential learning play therapy skills and methods to help children and families in the context of a systemic approach.  Participants will learn about the be with attitude and the specific non-directive skills for tracking play behavior and facilitating relationship  building within a therapeutic playroom. 


Learning Objectives:


  1. Participants will demonstrate understanding of purpose and research in child centered play therapy with children who have experienced trauma.

  2. Identify Child Centered Play Therapy skills to use in play therapy sessions.

  3. Describe the theory and history of child centered play therapy.

  4. Identify practice skills and interventions unique to child centered play therapy.

  5. Describe how child centered play therapists access therapeutic powers of play

  6. Explain the use and application of tracking skills in administration of child-centered play therapy.

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